Iron has Resistivity of 100\cdot 10^{-9} \frac{\Omega}{m}
HSS has Resistivity of 540\cdot 10^{-9} \frac{\Omega}{m}

  • Why is the transmission of a material in the proportion of e^{-x}, why not proportional, on what is the factor dependent atom size?
  • Is glass on both sides coated? When yes why, one could also do one coating with more than one layer on one side?
  • How can we calculate which material thickness absorbs which electromagnetic waves?
  • why is silver more conductive than copper?
  • Are there areas where iron is used in nanotechnologies? When yes where, when no why not?
  • Why is impure silicon more conductive than pure silicon?
  • How can one calculate the resistivity of a steel?
  • How can one calculate how good one metal layer holds on the other one?
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