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An Unforgettable Adventure: Exploring Lake Parón and its Stunning Surroundings

Reaching Lake Parón proved to be a unique challenge during my journey due to a rockslide that had partially blocked the road. This unexpected obstacle forced me to start the trek from a location about 30 minutes below the originally planned starting point. To complicate matters further, no tour companies were offering their services because of the road conditions. Determined to experience the beauty of Lake Parón, I embarked on this adventure independently, and here’s how I made it happen.

Navigating the Journey

My journey began with a collectivo ride from Huaraz to Caraz, which served as the first leg of my trip. While the exact fare eludes my memory, it was an affordable option. From Caraz, I hired a taxi to transport me to Lake Parón, a ride that cost me 130 soles. It was a bit more expensive, but the promise of the breathtaking views at the end of the road was more than worth it.

On the return journey, fortune smiled upon me when I encountered some friendly locals at the refuge near the lake’s entrance. They graciously offered me a ride back to my starting point without expecting anything in return. However, I felt compelled to show my gratitude, so I gave them 50 soles as a token of appreciation for their kindness.

Exploring Lake Parón

Upon my arrival at the lake, evening had begun to settle in, prompting me to trek to the far end of the lake in search of a suitable camping spot. I found a perfect spot that offered a breathtaking view of the surroundings.

On the second day, I decided to fly my drone once more, aiming to capture the beauty of a hidden waterfall that didn’t appear on the map. However, my FPV drone had an altitude limit of 500 meters above its starting point, a detail I overlooked during my flight. Sadly, my drone crashed into the waterfall, a disappointing mishap. Yet, I was determined to recover it, motivating me to embark on a second day of trekking. The stunning vistas along this trail more than compensated for the absence of a path.

In the end, my persistence paid off as I successfully retrieved my drone. I had not only found it but also enjoyed a spectacular trek filled with breathtaking views. My preparedness, with ample food and a water filter in tow, made the journey even smoother.

The Frozen Lake and Return Journey

On the third day of my adventure, I ventured to the frozen lake, a surreal destination offering unparalleled views of a massive glacier. The scenery once again left me in awe.

Following this captivating experience, I began my journey back. Along the way, I encountered the local Peruvians who had generously given me a ride to Caraz as mentioned earlier.

From Caraz, I managed to catch the last collectivo at around 8:00 pm, returning to Huaraz with a heart full of unforgettable memories.

In conclusion, the Parón Valley is an absolute must-visit destination for anyone seeking a jaw-dropping natural wonder. Its pristine beauty, framed by majestic white mountain peaks in pyramid form, is an experience you’ll treasure forever.


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