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Huaraz Off-Raod driving

Exploring the Beauty of Huaraz, Peru: My Toyota Hilux Adventure

I recently had the opportunity to embark on a two-day road trip adventure through the captivating landscapes of Huaraz, Peru. For this journey, I opted for the trusty Toyota Hilux as my vehicle of choice, and it proved to be the perfect companion for the expedition. The Toyota I was able to rent from a friend of the owner of the hostel “peru vertical” in Huaraz, which is also a good place to practice bouldering.

On the first day of my adventure, I headed to the national park in the south of Huaraz, a must-visit destination in this area. However, gaining access to this natural wonder came at a price. I had to pay 10 soles for the vehicle’s entry and an additional 30 soles for my own admission. These fees were a small investment for the privilege of immersing myself in the breathtaking beauty of the park’s surroundings.

When we already speak about costs: For the Toyota Hilux rental, I paid 200 soles per day and for the petrol of the two days 210 soles. The Hilux lived up to its reputation and proved to be an excellent choice for this adventure. The only drawback the car had was that the handbrake was nearly non functional. But with the “L4” gear of the Hilux I anyway never had to stop in the steep.

One of the highlights of my adventure was encountering the majestic “Puya raimondii” plant which can be seen in the pictures below. The plant has with rare exceptions only flower once (after about 80 years) and slowly dies after blooming. Within the park’s embrace, I was fortunate to witness one of these extraordinary blossoms in all its glory.

At night arriving in San Marcos, one of my tasks was to find suitable accommodation that could also accommodate the rented Toyota Hilux. “Hostal MARYESSI” turned out as one of the few options in the area. The hostel itself was not very good, but good enough to have a sleep. Actually, the room I had had no windows and the cleanliness of the room could have been better.

On the second day of my adventure, I ventured to the “Sitio Arqueológico Chavín de Huántar,” where I had the privilege of joining a guided tour of this archaeological wonder. The tour guide’s insights added a fascinating layer to the experience. Afterward, I retraced my path back to Huaraz via the standard route.

In conclusion, my two-day road trip through Huaraz, Peru, in a Toyota Hilux, was an unforgettable experience. From the awe-inspiring landscapes to the crazy weather and high altitude drive every aspect of the journey contributed to a memorable adventure. While expenses were incurred, they were a worthwhile investment in the creation of priceless memories in this picturesque part of the world.

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