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Boat trip to Glaciar Upsala & Glaciar Spegazzini

Glaciar Spegazzini is the glacier with the highest walls in the area of el calafate. The walls are 80-125m high. The way to the glacier can be quite rough. On my day, the weather was not really good and the lago argentino, which is the largest lake in Argentina had extremely high waves, so that about a third of the tourists had to throw up on the Katmaran and the waves went beyond the boat, so that it dripped in the Katmaren in various places from the ceiling. But who thinks the boat was small is wrong it was a double-decker Katmaran which offered a good 200 people place. Since the weather was not great and I have already seen some glaciers the tour was not not super spectacular for me, except for the torturous boat ride.

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